What does Alternative music mean to you? Some people say it’s a subgenre of rock. Some say it’s used interchangeably with Indie music. It took me a while to understand what it is about a track or a song which makes it so anti mainstream  and different from your regular pop or a rock song. […]


There is something wrong about the student-teacher relationship in our country, India, or more specifically in my case, the student-professor conduct in my college. I’m not going to talk about any controversial incident that took place in a college classroom, no. Instead, I’m going to give you my perspective of the entire scenario as an […]

Do you get the drift?

…Let’s dance to joy division, And celebrate the irony, Everything is going wrong, But we’re so happy, Let’s dance to joy division, And raise our glass to the ceiling, ‘Cause this could all go so wrong, But we’re so happy, Yeah we’re so happy… Before Nirvana broke into the mainstream rock scene with release of […]